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Compare and Plot multiple time-series datasets

Ever wondered how the dollar adjusted NIFTY MIDCAP 100 index performed vs. US Midcaps? Wonder no more! You can now quickly run a comparison using our new Compare tool.

compre time-series

We have made a large number of datasets available:

MF A pruned set of Indian mutual funds
FRED The St. Louis FRED dataset
THEME StockViz Themes
IN_NSE Indices available on the NSE
IN_BSE Indices available on the BSE
ETF_US US listed ETFs
EQ_US US listed Stocks
EQ_NSE Stocks listed on the NSE
EQ_BSE Stocks listed on the BSE
MCX Commodity futures listed on MCX
NCDEX Commodity futures listed on NCDEX

The “THEME” comparison tools also gives you the impact of STT and brokerage costs on returns.

So, now you can compare pretty much anything with everything.

When it comes to plotting a single time-series, we have made intraday prices on stocks listed on the NSE available. You can run these 10-days at a time:
chart time-series

The daily chart of NSE stocks also marks important corporate actions:
TCS daily time-series candle-stick with corporate actions

Keeping it free

The biggest challenge we faced was managing data storage costs. Earlier, we tried to upload all the data to the cloud but we quickly ran into performance bottlenecks and costs overruns. So we went back to the drawing board and designed a hybrid solution where the data and the analytics reside within our firewalls and only results are displayed to the user. This allows us to keep these tools free and open to everybody.

I want more!

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