Volatility and VIX Charts

Our Volatility and VIX Collection had some charts that were more than two years old. This post updates some of those charts and will re-create them more often.

Volatility can be measured in a number of ways and its profile changes based on the look-back period. The parameters are selected based on what the volatility estimate is used for. Moreover, no two indices exhibit the same profile – traders need to be vary of transplanting trading strategies that work for one market into another.

Historical volatility density plots

20-day historical volatility density plots

historical volatility density plot

20-day historical volatility plots

US S&P 500
S&P 500 20-day historical volatility
Japanese Nikkei 225
Nikkei 225 20-day historical volatility
Indian NIFTY 50
NIFTY 50 20-day historical volatility

Implied volatility

S&P 500 VIX and NIFTY 50 VIX

Code and a lot more charts are on github.

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