Weekly Recap: Get Lucky

nifty weekly performance heatmap

The Nifty ended the week +1.46% (+2.43% in USD terms) largely driven by banks and IT.

Index Performance

weekly index performance

Top winners and losers

UPL +6.22%
HCLTECH +6.27%
RANBAXY -12.42%
EXIDEIND -10.02%
IDEA -6.33%
A different story behind each of these stocks…


Mid/small caps under-performed. Infra stocks continued to drag…

Advancers and decliners

advancers and decliners

Yield Curve

india yield curve

Investment Theme Performance

Tough week for stock pikers – none of these strategies out-performed the Nifty…

*Contributed Themes

Sector Performance

Telecom stocks feeling the heat from Reliance Jio… Just when pricing power was threatening to return, the 800 pound gorilla decides to step into the rink…

weekly sector performance

Thought for the weekend

For an investor to both be right and make money:

  • his view of what will happen in the future – and what should be done about it – has to be analytically correct a priori,
  • the things he thinks will happen have to actually happen, and
  • those things have to happen on schedule.


But in investing, it’s hard to know what will happen and impossible to know when it will happen. Many things influence performance other than (a) investors’ hard work and skill and (b) the market’s dependable discounting of information about the future. Luck – randomness, or the occurrence of things beyond our knowledge and control – plays a huge part in outcomes.


Source: Getting Lucky (pdf)

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