Weekly Recap: Everything Has A Price

nifty weekly performance heatmap

The Nifty ended the week +1.72% (+1.53% in USD terms). It was week with a lot of surprises. The market expected the RBI to raise rates but it held steady. The consensus was that the US Fed would hold off tapering but it announced a $10B taper. Three months ago, stock markets around the world fell on taper fears, but rallied when the taper was finally announced.

Index Performance

IT stocks rallied on improving US and Eurozone fundamentals. Glaxo’s buyback offer pushed MNC & Pharma indices.

index weekly performance

Top Winners and Losers

GLAXO +19.13%
UBL -4.21%
Cummins can finally be moved to “value in motion” from “value in waiting.”


Gold is turning out to be a rout this year. Looks like the US Fed has engineered a perfect recovery…

Advancers and Decliners

advancers and decliners

Yield Curve

RBI’s decision to hold rates steady lead to a pretty adjustment…

yield curve

Investment Theme Performance

Market elephants had a windfall gain due to Glaxo’s buyback offer. Momentum themes turned in a strong show as well.

*Contributed Themes

Sector Performance

weekly sector performance

Thought for the Weekend

If you thought women disliked randy ads, think again.

When men and women view sex-based ads featuring a cheap watch versus an expensive one, their reactions differ. Men’s reactions don’t vary much, regardless of how much the watch costs. Women, in contrast, strongly dislike the sexual ad when it’s selling a very cheap watch, but they tolerate it when it’s selling a watch that’s expensive.

Source: Women Will Tolerate Sexually Explicit Ads — at the Right Price

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