Most loved and hated stocks by funds

Is there value in knowing what stocks were bought and sold by mutual funds?

We took a look at stocks that were exited by mutual funds and we ranked them according to the market value dumped. The 10 most hated stocks:


NTPC [stockquote]NTPC[/stockquote]
COALINDIA [stockquote]COALINDIA[/stockquote]
IDEA [stockquote]IDEA[/stockquote]
PETRONET [stockquote]PETRONET[/stockquote]
RELIANCE [stockquote]RELIANCE[/stockquote]
HEXAWARE [stockquote]HEXAWARE[/stockquote]
CAIRN [stockquote]CAIRN[/stockquote]
BAJAJ-AUTO [stockquote]BAJAJ-AUTO[/stockquote]
BALKRISIND [stockquote]BALKRISIND[/stockquote]
EXIDEIND [stockquote]EXIDEIND[/stockquote]
POWERGRID [stockquote]POWERGRID[/stockquote]


And similarly, the 10 most loved stocks:

AXISBANK [stockquote]AXISBANK[/stockquote]
BHARTIARTL [stockquote]BHARTIARTL[/stockquote]
WIPRO [stockquote]WIPRO[/stockquote]
TATASTEEL [stockquote]TATASTEEL[/stockquote]
RANBAXY [stockquote]RANBAXY[/stockquote]
DRREDDY [stockquote]DRREDDY[/stockquote]
SSLT [stockquote]SSLT[/stockquote]
INGVYSYABK [stockquote]INGVYSYABK[/stockquote]
MRF [stockquote]MRF[/stockquote]
BHARATFORG [stockquote]BHARATFORG[/stockquote]

Its still early days to see if fund decisions have any meaningful impact after disclosure. We’ll keep you posted!



  1. Portfolio data as-of 2013-10-31
  2. Only open ended funds that were in the “accumulation” phase were considered
  3. Funds named “growth” and with the “direct” option alone were considered
  4. Market value as-of closing 2013-10-31


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