Weekly Recap: Opiate for the masses

nifty heatmap

The Nify rallied +3.20% (3.62% in USD) as investors chose to ignore the gloom-and-doom surrounding realty and focused on the positives in IT.

Index Performance

index performance

Top winners and losers

ADANIENT +10.79%
RANBAXY +10.80%
DLF +11.06%
It appears that recovery trade is getting underway…


Bank ETFs rallied and it looks like PSU banks are turning the corner – thanks to Prof. Rajan…

Advancers and Decliners

advancers and decliners

Yield Curve

Yields are down on the back of internationalization efforts of the RBI. Although much work needs to done, the markets seem to be giving RBI the benefit of the doubt…

yield curve

Interbank Rates

… and banks are lending freely to each other, as evidenced by the falling MIBOR rates.

interbank rates

Sector Performance

sector performance

Thought for the Weekend

Does social media keep people confused, misled and doped up? Social media keeps us engaged in the activities of semi-imaginary role playing and distracts us from events and action in the real world. As long as we’re busy pretending to be cool or acting outraged online, we won’t be fully present or even really care about legitimate problems. In giving us a chimerical outlet to speak our minds, get distracted playing a role in a game, and get our fix of dopamine, social media is the perfect opiate for keeping the masses deluded and powerless.

Source: The perfect opiate for the masses

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