Tactical CNX 100
Tactical allocation based on 50-day SMA

By escaping the worst days, even if it means missing out on the best days, you can protect your portfolio from drawdowns and get superior results compared to a naive buy-and-hold strategy.

When "risk on", the Theme allocates equally between NIFTYBEES and JUNIORBEES and when "risk off", moves to LIQUIDBEES.

Details of the strategy can be found here.

This model was created on 2014-Aug-04 and was last updated on 2021-Nov-22

Cumulative Returns
lookback (days) theme nifty 50 midcap 100
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{{numeral(selectedReturnType === 'gross' ? item.MODEL : item.MODEL_BRK).format('+,.00%')}}
risk-free rate: 2.5%; MAR: 0%; benchmark: NIFTY 50
symbol weightage
From Trough To Depth Length To Trough Recovery
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Strategy vs. NIFTY 50 and MIDCAP 100
Returns through time
Returns & Portfolio Turnover