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Patient threatened by rating agency medicine

The problem with rating agency and IMF calls for governments to tighten fiscal policy is that monetary policy cannot offset it under current circumstances. We have reached the zero lower bound for interest rates in Japan, the US and UK while quantitative easing in its current form has disappointed.
I would feel relaxed about fiscal tightening if interest rates were 10 per cent or more and central banks could cut them as inflation dropped. But I am not convinced monetary policy can take up the strain if we are seeing fiscal retrenchment at the same time. An expansion of both fiscal and monetary policy offers the best hope for the future.


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Appetite for Indian IPOs wanes

The amount of money raised through initial public offerings in India has fallen by more than 80 per cent year on year. In the past six months there have been 22 listings in India, raising a combined $780m – down on the same period last year when just over $4bn was raised in India through 28 IPOs. This could be because of heightened PE activity, with players looking to preempt companies from going public.

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Source: Appetite for Indian IPOs wanes – FT.com.