Alerts through PushBullet

StockViz Alerts

This would have happened to us more than once: you like a stock, but you don’t like its price. You come up with a level at which you would buy it and then… forget all about it. Never again!

You can now subscribe to price alerts for Indices, ETFs and stocks by clicking on the orange ‘Alert’ button on their pages.


Manage your alerts

You can manage your alerts by navigating to the ‘Alerts’ tab on your ‘Portfolio’ page. Make sure you check the ‘Notify me via PushBullet’ box.


Setup PushBullet

Go to and sign in with the same email address that you use for your StockViz account. And voila! Whenever your alerts are triggered, you will receive a notification on all the devices that you have PushBullet installed! Ain’t that cool!

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