3 articles about trading and investing that you should read today

Came across a few posts that got me going “hmmm…”

How To Protect Your Portfolio

You must protect your confidence because BIG money is made after corrections, the deeper the better. You will only get yourself into a deep hole by trying to make sense of news, interest rate hikes, taper, etc…

Source: zortrades.com

The “There is no way” Market

It is precisely when you start believing that there are things the market just won’t do, that it in fact does them. You have to put your biases away and keep your mind open to what can happen. You also need to alter your strategy.

Source: bclund.com

You’ll Never Grow Rich Taking A Profit

Many of the world’s greatest investors actually have more losing trades than winning ones. But when they win, they win big. So don’t forget about the stocks you’ve sold. Create a portfolio of sold stocks and track their performance against the ones you’ve bought or continue to hold.

Source: psyfitec.com


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