Monthly Recap: Financial Research

Nifty monthly heatmap

The Nifty ended the month +2.23% (+2.78% in USD terms)

Index Performance

IT and Realty indices stole the show…

monthly index performance

Top winners and losers

GLAXO +18.53%
BOSCHLTD +19.74%
INDHOTEL +29.48%
NTPC -6.79%
Glaxo shot up on the back of the buyback offer from its parent. Bosch, however, seems to be on a ride of it own…


Infrastructure and banks continued to rock. Gold fell out of favour.

Advancers and Decliners

advancers and decliners

Yield Curve

Rates rose across the curve, but more so on the long-end…

india yield curve

Investment Theme Performance

The best performing strategy was small-cap value…

*Contributed Themes

Sector Performance

monthly sector performance

Thought of the month

Magic is based on belief in a set of rituals. A person will only consult a magician if they have faith in the actions that the magician will perform. Science is not based on belief in its theorems, the equivalent of magic’s rituals, but on a belief in the process by which science is created.

Source: Finance + Research

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