Because three heads are better than one

I have been compiling and maintaining different investment themes for a while now. We have the Quant and Story themes that reflect investment strategies that have proved to be successful over different time-horizons and market conditions. I am proud to introduce a couple of themes that have come from contributors outside of StockViz. Now users of StockViz will benefit from different perspectives that outsiders bring.


The Velocity Theme is an equally weighted momentum theme that will be re-balanced at most once a month. Our own home-grown Momentum 200 Theme uses an efficiently weighted portfolio and ignores stocks that have split over last year. It will be interesting to see how a slight tweaking of momentum setups impact performance over the long term.

Long Term Equity

The Long Term Equity Theme is a portfolio of stocks and ETFs for an extremely long time-horizon. “Set it and forget it” if you will. I am thrilled to have someone who thinks with a different hat – we are mostly quantitative in our approach, even our fundamental analysis is quantitative. But that doesn’t mean that a long-term buy-and-forget approach will not work.

You can follow each of themes by clicking on the “Follow” button under each of these themes.

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