Fundamental Quantitative Scores for Stocks

We are big fans of quantitative investment strategies, here at StockViz. The primary reason driving our obsession is that they work! They work because they impose discipline and gives us a framework to measure risk-adjusted returns. As a sign of our unwavering focus for providing our clients with an investment edge, we are now making our Fundamental Quantitative Scores for Stocks accessible to our trading/demat clients.

Fundamental Quantitative Scores rank each stock based on a single metric: for example, Return on Capital (ROC), Leverage, Total Accruals To Total Assets, etc. These ranks provide a snapshot of how the company is doing vs. all the other investment options out there.

Here’s a screenshot for Glenmark:

quantitative fundamental scores for glenmark

A couple of these metrics (Earnings Yield and Book to Market) are price based (and hence the blue highlight). The scores also indicate the total number of stocks that were analyzed on that metric. For example, Glenmark is ranked 748 out of 957 on Sales Growth Index. We’ll be discussing each of these metrics over the next couple of weeks.



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