Why I don’t watch CNBC or NDTV Profit or…

I don’t watch CNBC, or NDTV Profit, or ET Now, or… Let me just bunch all of these together and refer to them as CNBC – the pioneer in real-time financial entertainment.

CNBC’s goal is not to make you money, but to sell advertising. In fact, if you use any website or TV channel or magazine that shows you ads, you should understand that the product that they are selling is YOU (to their advertisers.)

The structure of CNBC is to keep you on the edge of your seat. To keep you dependent on them for information on what to do next. They want you to live in fear and react to every little hiccup in the market. The ugly truth is that by the time any news hits CNBC, you, as an individual investor, is far behind the eight ball.

Market timing is nearly impossible. It may be blindingly obvious in hindsight, but at that very moment, even the good lord Brahma cannot tell you whether something has bottomed or topped.

How can you predict where the NIFTY is going to be in a year’s time when cannot even state with certainty that are you are not going to be hit by a truck while crossing the road?

How many of their “experts” are actually accountable to you? How many times have you heard anyone of them say “I don’t know” as an answer to a question?

Does knowing what the CEO had for lunch that day make you an expert in that company?

Does it matter what Ganesha predicts?

Watch CNBC for entertainment value, not for investment advice.

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