Buffalo Bill ♥ StockViz


Buffalo Bill Cody rode on the Pony Express at the age of 14, fought in the American Civil War, served as a scout for the Army… and filed for bankruptcy.

Buffalo Bill as a very successful showman. In 1883 he organized his first Wild West show. He was in a show with real Cowboys and Indians. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show was a successful show for over 30 years. Over the years the show prospered.

But eventually competition, the need to outspend that competition, and dwindling returns from a public tired of his style of entertainment forced him to merge with his major rival, Pawnee Bill’s Historic Far West and Great Far East Show, in 1909. But the combined show continued to run up debts and was closed by bankruptcy in 1915.

If Buffalo Bill were alive today, he would probably consider us a bunch of pansies, sitting behind workstations all day, punching away at the keyboard. But we are sure he would love us for our decidedly un-showman-like, unbiased and bland advice to quit when your trailing stop loss is triggered!
How are you protecting your profits?

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