India proves too hot to handle for Norway’s Telenor


Telenor-pirat (Photo credit: Hanne LK)

This is the story of how Norway’s equivalent of India’s BSNL got involved in a $40bn telecom scam. The Indian Supreme Court cancelled 122 2G licenses given on a no-bid basis in 2007. Yes, we are talking about something that happened 5 years ago for technology that’s 10 years old. But the fascinating part is that the spectrum was first sold to a real estate company called Unitech about for $365.42 million which then turn around and sold a 60% stake in its wireless division to Norway’s Telenor for $1360 million! I’m sure some people were feeling pretty smart about turning in a 270% profit for their “navigating” skills.

The minister, A. Raja, who sold the spectrum is a nobody from South India representing a grand total of one million voters. It must be a pretty fascinating journey for him coming in #2 in Time magazine’s 2011 list of “Top 10 Abuses of Power” list (just behind the Watergate scandal).

The underpriced spectrum giveaway unleashed a price war where SMS and voice tariffs in India were hammered down to the lowest in the world. Telenor had planned to invest about $3 bn in India and is said to be almost 2/3rds there. So that’s $2 bn that just got vaporized. Besides, they had out sourcing agreements with a whole bunch of Indian BPOs. Wipro is said to have $550 million worth of deals.

Its funny how Telenor, one of the top performers on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for the 10th year running, got dipped in Indian curry.


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