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Sunder’s List

It may take a breakthrough treatment for Alzheimer’s disease to match the $130 billion lifetime sales record of Pfizer: Analysis: Lipitor, legendary cash cow, prepares for fadeout

Rather than admit the error of their ways, those who helped cause the financial crisis are engaged in an active campaign to rewrite history: What caused the financial crisis? The Big Lie goes viral.

Deep down, we are all technicians: Are you a Technician?

Investors as consumers, markets as video game

After the continuous bank runs, now this: TUI asks Greek hotels to promise to take drachma in the worst case – The…

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Sunder’s List

“WE SHOUT outside parliament, we call the politicians thieves and traitors, but they don’t take any notice, they just go on letting us down” Papandreou’s people

Average student debt now topping $25,000

Thousands of the dirtiest and toughest jobs in New York are going unfilled, in sectors that pay well: Blue collar green

TechCrunch | In Defense of Reed Hastings

Longtime bank analyst Mike Mayo tells the inside story of why it’s so hard to yell ‘sell’ in a crowded room: Why Wall Street Can’t Handle the Truth

We lost the right to be honest and say that one thing is intelligent and another thing is dumb for fear of insulting or offending people: Smart and Stupid

INDIA’S technology firms are no longer spring chickens: Seeking to avoid a mid-life crisis

Will they drum Fiat out of Italy? Arrivederci, Italia?

From Mumbai to the Midwest

“JUST when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Greece lightning

Moved your money

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Sunder’s List

The disconnect between Washington and the rest of the nation hasn’t been this wide since the late 1960s. Washington pre-occupied « The Berkeley Blog

The government’s bacchanalian populism has resulted in the destruction of public finances: India’s road to fiscal ruin

Is it really any wonder that a debt deal has been hard to come by? Europe’s Insult Diplomacy – Businessweek

China has just moved from Stage Three (euphoria) to Stage Four (crisis): Five steps to financial crisis

The Lessons of the Last Three Months

Sometimes it seems there are two Jon Corzines: Insight: The two faces of Jon Corzine

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Sunder’s List

This is beginning to feel like 2008, complete with all the rumor and chaos and volatility we saw back then: Europe’s doomed fate | Felix Salmon

For “risk-on, risk-off”, you could read “referendum-on, referendum-off“ on Thursday: Dollar looks even shakier than the euro – FT.com

A year ago, Ireland wasn’t much more than one of two “I” nations of the five little PIIGS who were going to bring down Europe: Three Things Greece Can Learn From Ireland

With the Chinese government tightening credit, the massive leakage from the formal banking sector into the ‘shadow system’ ultimately risks a hard landing: Swimming Naked in China | The Diplomat

Wheat is heading for the biggest slump in three years as the second-largest harvest on record swells stockpiles: Wheat Plunging as Decade-High Stockpiles Ease World Shortages

Vanguard’s chief investment officer, Gus Sauter, offers his thoughts: Vanguard’s investment chief on keeping a long-term view in tumultuous times

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