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While the world waits for Europe to make up its mind, catastrophe is in the air. Staring into the abyss

An interesting technical treatment of Apple: Apple: Relative to the S&P 500, It Looks Even Worse

ROMER: Europe Is A Train-Wreck And Leaders Are Still In Denial

How Silvio Berlusconi fcuked Italy: Ciao 

France is drawing up plans to create a breakaway organisation of eurozone countries with its own treaty, parliament and headquarters: Telegraph

Cogs of China’s credit machine are grinding more slowly

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Sunder’s List

TGIF! Here’s today’s must reads:

Sell in May and go away till November? Rotate in May, redux

Greece and Commodities: What Are the Right Questions?

Natural gas epitomized the “widow maker” trade of the 2000s after a series of big bets went wrong in the notoriously volatile commodity. Cotton seems to have taken its place: FT.com

China’s imports of raw materials leveled off in October, underlining a slight slowdown in growth for the world’s second-largest economy: FT.com

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Sunder’s List

European Union

Image by erjkprunczyk via Flickr

German and French officials have discussed plans for a radical overhaul of the European Union: French, Germans explore idea of core euro zone

Krugman: This Is The Way The Euro Ends

Technical signals are indicating that Wednesday’s slump could stick around awhile longer: Analyst Sees 3% More Downside On Dow As Cyclicals Lose Momentum

America and China must crush Germany into submission

Greek default, Italian banks, etc. 65% Chance of Banking Crisis by End November

As the debt crisis deepens, few countries would escape unscathed if Italy implodes: Chart: How Italy could drag down Europe

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Sunder’s List

The oil market has rediscovered an old foe: Iran. The price of Brent crude, the global benchmark, has rallied to almost $115 a barrel : Iran worries spark fears of $200-a-barrel oil – FT.com
Stuart Gulliver, chief executive of HSBC, warned on Tuesday that Asia is facing the threat of a potential slowdown in the flow of credit: HSBC chief warns of Asia credit crunch – FT.com
With his own new book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, the Nobel Prize-winning Kahneman reveals the built-in kinks in human reasoning: The King of Human Error
The title says it all: End Bonuses for Bankers
It doesn’t make much difference who is in charge of Italy anymore. The country is bust. The only question is when: Italy is bust; it’s just a question of when
Over 50 percent of all mortgaged households in the US are effectively underwater: Half of US Mortgages Are Effectively Underwater
Don’t ignore the recent gains in gold, counsels esteemed commodity investor Dennis Gartman. It signals concern: Dennis Gartman: Gold Gains Suggest More Woes Ahead
It was a possibility feared but unspoken – until last week. Suddenly a Greek exit from the euro was on the table: Greek default within the euro is the only real option – FT.com
Up to a third of Hong Kong’s 50,000 or so factories in China could downsize or shut by the end of the year: Gloomy outlook for China exporters as factory closure wave looms
Chinese gold imports from Hong Kong, a proxy for the country’s overall overseas buying, leapt to a record high in September: China’s gold imports jump sixfold – FT.com
A rant: Experts don’t know jack

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Sunder’s List

Efforts to solve a growing sovereign debt crisis have failed to quell market unease. Is Italy next? In Europe, Anxious Market Shifts Focus To Italy
As the world shrinks and everyone is connected socially, the line between trading and investing has blurred as well. Investing and Trading….Just Words.
The old empire could teach us a thing or two about the euro and its flaws. All Roads Lead to (Ancient) Rome
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. invested $23.9 billion in the third quarter, the most in at least 15 years. Buffett Broadens Portfolio by Spending $23.9 Billion
I am now much more responsive to long investment ideas. The Bullish Stars Are Aligned – TheStreet
You can’t be sure when stock prices reach their lows or highs for any market cycle: How not to time the market
As much as the ECB resists it now, they have limited choices: monetise or face a global economic collapse. The longer they wait, the worse it will get: What are Gold and the Euro Telling us About the ECB?
European banks are sitting on heaps of exotic mortgage products and other risky assets that predate the financial crisis: Old Debts Dog Europe’s Banks

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