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Sunder’s List

Passing the Euro: from Merkel (‘unfuckable lard-arse’ – Berlusconi) to Sarkozy (‘leave Sarkozy alone, he’s crazy’ – Berlusconi) to Monty (‘Super Mario’)

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India threw open its $450 billion retail market to global supermarket giants on Thursday (Reuters)

China has been forced into self-help mode after a series of international crises have hollowed out its export markets (Reuters)

Germany – the only first class passenger on the Titanic? (FT)

Asian banks and businesses are seeing their borrowing costs climb. Bad news SBIN? (Reuters)

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Sunder’s List

The short of it: The US can’t agree on its finances. Europe is circling the drain and China is slowing down, dragging down Australia with it. And India is busy pouring money drown the drain.

Euro zone industrial new orders slumped in September the deepest fall since December 2008 (Reuters)

Warning to Germany and France: Build a Barrier at the Alps (Atimes)

Germany & France haven’t figured it out yet. (Reuters)

Economies in the Asia-Pacific region appeared isolated from the turmoil in other parts of the world, but cracks are appearing. (NYT)

China is facing its worst wave of labour unrest. (CNN)

Chinese factories battled with their weakest activity in 32 months in November. (Reuters)

Chinese banks are “extremely fragile” because the lenders don’t have enough capital to offset bad loans. (Bloomberg)

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Sunder’s List

Essential reading this AM:

While we debate whether Kingfisher Airlines needs to be bailed out, here’s something that we should consider:

How Iceland survived the fire

I guess women are scared to have babies in this economy. US birthrate falls to 11-year lows: Bloomberg

Tech slowdown in the pipeline? Here are a bunch to keep the outsourcers awake:

  • US Governments cutting IT spending: Bloomberg
  • INFY may miss the top end of its estimates: WSJ
  • NTAP seeing “unexpected weakness”: SA

China seeing a global slowdown? MarketWatch

Amidst all this, lets not forget that at the end of the day, stick to the rules.

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