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Appetite for Indian IPOs wanes

The amount of money raised through initial public offerings in India has fallen by more than 80 per cent year on year. In the past six months there have been 22 listings in India, raising a combined $780m – down on the same period last year when just over $4bn was raised in India through 28 IPOs. This could be because of heightened PE activity, with players looking to preempt companies from going public.

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5 Measures to Ignore

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Previously, we had discussed what to look for while buying stocks. Irrespective of whether you are fundamental or technical investor, there are some key metrics that you should follow to screen stocks. However, even though some metrics have complicated math, they can be completely misleading when it comes to their predictive power. 

Measures like Beta, Analyst Recommendations, P/E and PEG typically have very little bearing to how the stock eventually performs. To read more about the 5 measures to ignore while screening stocks, hop on over to Smart Money here.

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