Opening Bell 29.07.2020

Your world at 9am

world equity market heatmap


DAX(DEU) -0.03%
CAC(FRA) -0.22%
UKX(GBR) +0.40%
NKY(JPN) -0.79%
SPX(USA) -0.65%
JCI(IDN) -0.20%
INMEX(MEX) +0.58%
XU030(TUR) -3.63%
IBOV(BRA) -0.35%
SHCOMP(CHN) +1.51%
NIFTY(IND) +1.52%
TOP40(ZAF) +0.25%


RBOB Gasoline +0.41%
Brent Crude Oil -0.13%
Heating Oil +0.30%
WTI Crude Oil -0.03%
Ethanol +0.00%
Natural Gas +0.30%
Platinum +1.19%
Gold 100oz +0.00%
Palladium +1.16%
Silver 5000oz +0.84%
Copper +0.74%


USDEUR:-0.12% USDJPY:-0.02%

USDIDR(IDN) +0.38%
USDMXN(MEX) +0.03%
USDNGN(NGA) +0.31%
USDTRY(TUR) +0.09%
USDBRL(BRA) +0.14%
USDCNY(CHN) +0.03%
USDINR(IND) +0.00%
USDRUB(RUS) +0.01%
USDZAR(ZAF) -0.22%
Lean Hogs +0.00%
Soybean Meal +0.21%
Soybeans +0.43%
Cocoa +0.00%
Cotton +1.14%
Lumber +0.00%
Coffee (Arabica) +0.00%
Coffee (Robusta) +0.00%
Corn +0.99%
Cattle +0.00%
Feeder Cattle +0.00%
Orange Juice +0.00%
Sugar #11 +0.00%
Wheat +0.20%
White Sugar +0.00%

Out of 43 world ETFs listed in NYSE that we track, 31 are trading above their 10-day SMA and 39 are trading above their 50-day SMA.

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New Delhi, Jul 28 (PTI) Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday said the government is making efforts to attract FDI in infrastructure sector to address liquidity crunch faced by the COVID-19-hit economy.

You Don’t Need Alpha
Since quarantine started, I have been doing a lot of cooking at home. I am guessing you probably have been too. In the course of trying to become a better home cook, I came across Adam Ragusea’s YouTube channel.

Leaving money on the table to stay in the game: New paper squares economic choice with evolutionary survival
If given the chance, a Kenyan herder is likely to keep a mix of goats and camels. It seems like an irrational economic choice because goats reproduce faster and thus offer higher near-term herd growth.

The supply-side impact of COVID-19
COVID-19 has massively disrupted the supply side of the world economy, shutting down entire industries. This column analyses how these disruptions affected different types of firms and workers by looking at how effectively different sectors can shift to remote work.

COBOL Language: Call It A Comeback?
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End game for oil? OPEC prepares for an age of dwindling demand
LONDON (Reuters) – The coronavirus crisis may have triggered the long-anticipated tipping point in oil demand and it is focusing minds in OPEC.

DFIs to get fresh lease of life to fund ambitious infra projects
The government is working on a strategy to give a fresh lease of life to so-called development finance institutions (DFIs) for funding infrastructure projects as rising non-performing assets in the banking sector — which dominated infrastructure funding — limits their heft and threatens to spoil

US companies looking to return home face significant problems
“Reshoring was just something nice, a nice idea, mostly for companies that should never have outsourced to a country like China,” said Renaud Anjoran, chief executive of Shenzhen-based Sofeast, which advises companies manufacturing in China and Vietnam.

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