Opening Bell 17.03.2020

Your world at 9am

world equity market heatmap


DAX(DEU) -5.31%
CAC(FRA) -5.75%
UKX(GBR) -4.01%
NKY(JPN) -0.46%
SPX(USA) -11.98%
JCI(IDN) -4.68%
INMEX(MEX) +3.64%
XU030(TUR) -7.98%
IBOV(BRA) -13.92%
SHCOMP(CHN) -0.63%
NIFTY(IND) -7.61%
TOP40(ZAF) -8.04%


Ethanol +4.87%
Brent Crude Oil +1.46%
RBOB Gasoline +7.73%
WTI Crude Oil +3.38%
Heating Oil +1.67%
Natural Gas -1.10%
Silver 5000oz +0.00%
Copper -0.21%
Gold 100oz +0.00%
Palladium -4.03%
Platinum +2.31%


USDEUR:+0.02% USDJPY:+0.54%

USDIDR(IDN) +0.55%
USDMXN(MEX) -1.41%
USDNGN(NGA) +0.25%
USDTRY(TUR) -0.09%
USDBRL(BRA) +3.33%
USDCNY(CHN) +0.01%
USDINR(IND) -0.15%
USDRUB(RUS) -0.56%
USDZAR(ZAF) -0.56%
Cattle +0.00%
Corn +0.21%
Feeder Cattle +0.00%
Sugar #11 +0.00%
Coffee (Robusta) +0.00%
Cotton +0.94%
Orange Juice +0.00%
Soybean Meal +0.17%
Wheat -0.10%
White Sugar +0.00%
Lean Hogs +0.00%
Cocoa +0.00%
Coffee (Arabica) +0.00%
Lumber +0.00%
Soybeans +0.94%

Out of 43 world ETFs listed in NYSE that we track, 0 are trading above their 10-day SMA and 0 are trading above their 50-day SMA.

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