Sunder’s List: Taper Continues

Roundup: S&P +0.28%, Dow -0.27%, Nasdaq +0.67%, Gold $1241.70, London -0.04%, Germany +0.15%, France +0.02%. At pixel: Nikkei +0.06%, Hang Seng +0.03%

Further taper looms: A reduction in the program to $65 billion a month from the current $75 billion could be announced at the end of the Jan. 28-29 meeting. (WSJ)

Turkey blew the end of QE: The Turkish lira hit new record lows against the euro and the dollar after the central bank kept its benchmark rates on hold yesterday. The lira has already lost about 7% of its value against the dollar since the start of the year, and following the decision, investors and analysts expect the currency has further to slide. (WSJ)

Is a triangle pattern forming in the Nifty? (TraderPlanet)

The government hopes to sell half of the 21% stake it retains in Axis Bank. (FT) [stockquote]AXISBANK[/stockquote]

Are people really rational in their economic decision making? How do you define “rational”? Even inattention to the facts can be rational. Rational people know that their time is limited and realize that they cannot know everything. They must choose what they pay attention to. Robert Shiller weighs in: The Rationality Debate, Simmering in Stockholm

Welcome to RoboEarth – a Wikipedia for robots that allows the knowledge created for one robot to be shared with another robot, anywhere else in the world, via a shared, web-accessible database. When one robot in Germany learns what a toaster is and how it works, it can upload that information into the network. A robot in Japan which has never used a toaster before can then log in and learn how to recognise one. (Phys)

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