Sunder’s List: Was Rajan Right About Inflation?

Roundup: S&P +0.40%, Dow +0.44%, Nasdaq +0.54%, Gold $1202.30, London +0.26%, Germany -0.39%, France +0.47%. At pixel: Nikkei +0.69%, Hang Seng -0.42%

Supplies of chana, matar dal and toor dal from Australia, Canada, Myanmar and Africa have led to a correction in pulses prices in wholesale by 15%. Given that food inflation was the primary driver behind the recent spurt in CPI, Rajan’s decision to pause rate hikes seems to be a good one. (ET)

Try selling silos to individual farmers: farmers have increasingly stopped selling crops immediately after harvesting. Instead, they have converted parts of their house into warehouses, where they store produce and wait for prices to rise when supplies dwindle. (ET)

Ranbaxy, after getting put in the dog-house by the US FDA, figures it will have better luck pushing spurious drugs in the Indian market. (LiveMint) [stockquote]RANBAXY[/stockquote]

Dec auto salesDecember car sales: steep discounts saved the day. But what next? (LiveMint)

Good luck!

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