Sunder’s List: Monday Edition

Roundup: S&P +0.48%, Dow +0.26%, Nasdaq +1.15%, Gold $1,203.70, London +0.33%, Germany +0.69%, France +0.40%. At pixel: Nikkei +0.07%, Hang Seng +0.50%

Last week, the Karnataka high court ruled that Diageo’s acquisition of 101.4 million shares from United Breweries (Holdings) Ltd, representing a 7% stake, was void. If Diageo is serious about United Breweries, there may be another open offer down the road. [stockquote]MCDOWELL-N[/stockquote] [stockquote]UBHOLDINGS[/stockquote]

Indian steel companies are busy expanding auto-grade output. “Tata Steel sells around 1mt of flat products to the automotive industry and we expect it to double in next five years.”B hushan Steel sees its auto steel capacity rising to 4-4.5 mt in five-seven years from 2.2 mt now. (LiveMint, Metals)

India Post plans to launch 1,000 ATMs in next six months and bring all branches on single technology platform. They also plan to issue ATM cards to all savings deposit holders at India Post. (LiveMint)

Chinese internet giant Alibaba is now competing against bank savings accounts — and winning. In November, deposits in its investment platform, Yu E Bao, surpassed 100 billion yuan ($16.4 billion), with 30 million users—astonishing growth in just six months of operation. (QZ) I think its time for a VC funded online-only bank in India, they can piggyback on the post office’s ATMs…

This is how Warren Buffett interprets financial statements: Valuewalk

Good luck!

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