Sunder’s List: Normandy

Roundup: S&P -1.13%, Dow -0.81%, Nasdaq -1.40%, Gold $1,253.40, London -0.24%, Germany -0.41%, France -0.10%. At pixel: Nikkei -1.61%, Hang Seng -0.55%

Congress can’t catch a break. CAG has highlighted “undue benefit” to the tune of at least Rs.5,887 crore, given by the civil aviation ministry to Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL), a consortium controlled by GVK. (LiveMint, #scam) [stockquote]GVKPIL[/stockquote]

IBM: IT services demand “depends on what the economic climate is, and that has not been very encouraging.” (SA)

Microsoft may launch an Android phone that uses Bing online services. Looks like Project Normandy is a go. (AllthingsD)

Robert Shiller says mismatch between Eugene Fama’s findings and theories must make him feel like a priest who has discovered God does not exist. At the heart of their disagreement: Shiller holds that investors, being human, can be swayed by psychology, Fama contends markets are always efficient, with people incorporating all available information into prices. (Guardian)

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Good luck!

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