Sunder’s List: Is College a Scam?

Roundup: S&P +0.50%, Dow +0.34%, Nasdaq +0.57%, Gold $1,244.10, London -0.11%, Germany +0.25%, France +0.58%. At pixel: Nikkei +1.31%, Hang Seng +0.26%

Hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller has called IBM one of the “more high probability shorts” he’s seen in years, and declares Amazon Web Services (AWS) is “killing” the IT giant. Will the same argument work for Indian outsourcers? (SA, IT)

The government is looking to make a substantial hike in wages under NREGA. The rural development ministry has scrapped a panel headed by National Statistical Commission Chairman Pronab Sen and set up a new one to prepare a fresh index that would lead to more generous wage revisions. (ET, #nrega)

SEBI has sought greater disclosures from Indian promoters on details of shares pledged by them. (ET, #SEBI)

The Uttar Pradesh sugar industry is shutdown this sugar season in wake of the high cane price in the state. (ET)

KPMG: Most private power plants are operating at 60% of capacity due to non-availability of fuel and if the situation does not improve fast, Indian banks could be staring at a bad debt of more than Rs.1 trillion. (LiveMint, ENERGY)

Credential inflation is the rise in educational requirements for jobs as a rising proportion of the population attains more advanced degrees. The value of a given educational certificate or diploma declines as more people have one, thereby motivating them to stay in school longer. (Salon)

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