Sunder’s List

Roundup: S&P +0.54%, Dow +0.44%, Nasdaq +0.92%, Gold $1,253.50, London +1.03%, Germany +0.31%, France +0.76%. At pixel: Nikkei +0.80%, Hang Seng -0.62%. Nifty -0.09%

The RBI and exchanges are exploring the possibility of actual delivery of dollars in bourses where currency futures are traded. At present, futures contracts are cash-settled and do not result in physical delivery of dollars or any other foreign currency. (ET)

Total sales at Maruti fell 13% in June. Hyundai Motor India Ltd. reported a 0.6% rise in total sales. Toyota’s declined 19%. Mahindra & Mahindra recorded a 7.8% fall in total vehicle sales. (WSJ) [stockquote]MARUTI[/stockquote]

Vodafone India offers $680 million for extension of permits. The company’s licenses to offer services are due to expire in November 2014. (WSJ)

Money managers reduced their net-long position in gold by 20%, the lowest since June 2007. And pulled $2 billion from gold funds in the week ended June 26. (Bloomberg)

gold flows

Will Gold Find Support at $1,100? (AT) [stockquote]GOLDBEES[/stockquote]


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