Sunder’s List

Roundup: S&P -0.50%, Dow -0.28%, Nasdaq -0.18%, Gold $1,383.40, London -0.09%, Germany +0.09%, France -0.08%, Nikkei -0.24%

Foreign funds have started pouring into mid-cap stocks. “Mid-caps are currently trading at a discount compared with large-caps, which can be seen as opportunity for investments.” (ET)

CavinKare: Years of under-investment in brands, lack of management bandwidth, unwise diversification have taken their toll. (LiveMint)

Inflation Indexed Bonds: How do IIBs work?

Inflation Indexed Bonds: Retail investors may have to open SGL, or subsidiary general ledger, accounts with primary dealers or banks to invest. This might be the biggest problem in getting retail investors excited in this product. (ET)

The problem with the India story: lack of conviction. (LiveMint)

Eurozone growth: More austerity and less monetary stimulus were pretty horrible ideas. Europeans don’t want devaluation, stimulus or inflation. But they don’t want the recession to go on either. Good luck with that!(Atlantic)

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