Sunder’s List: Monday Morning Quarterback

Roundup: S&P -0.28%, Dow flat, Nasdaq -0.16%, Gold $1,501.40, London -0.49%, Germany -1.61%, France -1.23%

Infosys happened on Friday: Q4 EPS of Rs.23.94B beats by Rs.970M. Revenue of Rs.104.54B (+18% Y/Y) misses by Rs.276M. Sees revenue growing between 6% and 10% vs. 12% expected. The market had a conniption and people who have no clue about how to run a company wither over 1.5 lakh employees with $4B in the bank started writing on what it should do next to “redeem” itself. [stockquote]INFY[/stockquote]


Gold has taken a beating lately. Do gold-loan companies have enough LTV cushion to ride this one out? What happens if Gold continues to tank? [stockquote]MANAPPURAM[/stockquote] [stockquote]MUTHOOTFIN[/stockquote] [stockquote]TITAN[/stockquote] [stockquote]GITANJALI[/stockquote]

UBS: “Many people are disillusioned with the emerging markets. Many people are coming to the realisation that without a strong developed world, emerging markets will not be able to grow very strong.” Once again getting all confused about GDP growth and equity market performance. (ET)

Good luck!


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