Sunder’s List

Roundup: S&P +0.32%. Dow +0.35%. Nasdaq +0.26%. Gold at $1,579.80. London +0.31%. Germany -0.03%. France -0.10%.

A floor under the NIFTY? FTSE’s global indices are being reconstituted and India will see nearly $279 million (Rs. 1,500 crore) of fresh inflows from March 18. (ET)

Hedge funds cut bets on a commodity rally to a four-year low on signs of surplus supply in everything from coffee to zinc. Goldman says commodities may be oversold right now and maybe a good time to buy. Except for Gold, that is. (Bloomberg, 247W) [stockquote]GOLDBEES[/stockquote]

Kiss, but don’t tell? Indian companies are not required to make any disclosures regarding their lobbying activities in foreign countries. (ET)

The World Bank has barred L&T from doing any business with it or on projects funded by it for six months, after finding that a senior executive of the Indian engineering company had indulged in fraud back in 2008. (ET) [stockquote]LT[/stockquote]

Good luck!


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