Sunder’s List

Friday’s roundup: Dow +0.51%, S&P +0.54% to close above 1500, London +0.31%, Germany +1.42%, France +0.69%, Gold ended at $1,656.60.

Government waiting for SAIL’s Q3 earnings, out in February, before deciding on allowing it to SAIL-away. (ET) [stockquote]SAIL[/stockquote]

For some, outsourcing IT has a bitter after-taste: “They give you a good deal for two to three years and then they suck your blood.” (Economist)

Every bond dealer and his dog expects the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to cut its policy rate when it announces the quarterly review of monetary policy tomorrow. (Mint) Track it using our rates “go codes”:

Where does this leave Kingfisher? Etihad buys 24% in Jet Airways for $300 mn. This also means that Jet Airways will gradually scale down operations at its current international hub of Brussels and move this to Abu Dhabi. Oh joy! (Mint)

Is this reverse-racism at play? Indians bending over backwards to appease white foreigners. (Mint)

Good luck!

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