Sunder’s List

Overnight Markets : Dow -0.19% to 13090. S&P -0.09%. London flat. Germany -0.21%. France +0.35%.

Revolution to Riches: A series about the Chinese version of our own Vadras, Chidambaram Jr., etc.

Biggest bull run ever? Iron ore prices have risen 60% in four months after falling to a three-year low of $88 a tonne in September. (FT)

Nearly 9,000 NBFCs may face closure if the Usha Thorat panel recommendation on minimum asset size of Rs 25 crore is implemented by the RBI. (ET)

Swedish meatballs FTW!  Ikea wants the government to allow it to “retail its entire range of products”, including opening of cafes in its stores in India. (Mint)

If you can meet expectations, just revise them down and blame the other guy. “8% growth target is ambitious. Growth could get stuck at 5-5.5% if a policy logjam prevails. etc.” (Mint)

Have a great weekend!

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