Sunder’s List

Friday’s action: Dow +0.33% to 12584. S&P +0.46%. Stoxx 50 -1.4%. Italy -2.1%. Crude +1.4% to $87.08. London -1.27%. Germany -1.32%. France -1.21%.

Will Retail FDI again gridlock the parliament? The Enforcement Directorate are investigating claims that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. violated foreign exchange rules when it invested $100 million in a domestic unit owned by its wholesale joint-venture partner. (Reuters)

Will United Spirits sell Whyte & Mackay? The hangover after binge drinking is quite a b**ch (ET) [stockquote]MCDOWELL-N[/stockquote]

SEBI has told local brokerage firms to promote a scheme unveiled earlier this year allowing foreign individual investors to buy stocks and debt directly. However, the need for PAN continues to be the biggest hurdle for bringing in QFIs into the country. (ET)

Economic growth will pickup soon… says the man responsible for economic growth. (ET)

Here’s a quirky fact to tide you over Monday: Of the current 200 nations in the world, the British have invaded all but 22 of them.

Kyle Bass does a number on Central Banks. Interesting read.

Good luck!

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