Sunder’s List

Friday’s close: Dow -0.03% to 12808. S&P +0.07%. Nasdaq +0.55%. Crude +1.15% to $86.07. London -0.11%. Germany -0.58%. France +0.47%.

Will James Bond’s favorite car be soon owned by M&M? Investment Dar Co., The Kuwaiti company, which owns 64% of Aston Martin, is looking to sell. (Reuters)

Investors lapped up Gold ETFs at a special trading session at bourses on Sunday which coincided with Dhanteras that marks the beginning of the three-day Diwali festival. (ET) [stockquote]GOLDBEES[/stockquote]

The number of active mutual fund sellers has more than halved to 42,000 from almost a lakh in 2007. AMFI counter by slashing registration charges for distributors across categories by 20-80%. (ET)

This will go down well: German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has asked a panel of advisers to look into reform proposals for France, concerned that weakness in the euro zone’s second largest economy could come back to haunt Germany. French gross domestic product is expected to shrink 0.1% in the last quarter of 2012, pushing France into a technical recession. (Reuters) “Emergency situation” and “certitude of decline” were some of the phrases being thrown about. (Economist)

Happy Diwali and Good Luck!

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