Sunder’s List

Overseas: Dow +0.17% to 13116. S&P +0.22%. Crude +1.08% to $85.78. Stoxx 50 -1.1%. Spain -1.9%. London -0.50%. Germany -0.51%. France -1.26%.

Trouble brewing for Maruti, again? (ET) [stockquote]MARUTI[/stockquote]

One thing there is no shortage of: plans. The government is planning to raise around Rs 1,400 crore by selling a 12.15% stake in Nalco. The issue is likely to be priced at a discount of about 10% from Wednesday’s trading price (ET) [stockquote]NATIONALUM[/stockquote]

technical analysis chart

Brokers claim that promoters faced problems in raising funds to meet margin calls, forcing lenders to liquidate pledged shares. Zylog’s CFO Srihari SP blamed the crash to a speculative attack. (ET) [stockquote]ZYLOG[/stockquote]

China’s largest construction-equipment makers still face massive overcapacity and pressure to consolidate. “… of the 200 or so equipment makers, we need only around 10%.” (WSJ) Meanwhile, Chinese commercial banks may see an increase in non- performing loans from this quarter through the first half of next year. Bad loans at the nation’s four biggest banks increased by $337 million in the third quarter from the previous three months. (Bloomberg)

Guess what? German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Europe’s sovereign debt crisis will last at least five more years. (CNBC)

Good luck!

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