Sunder’s List

Overseas: Dow +0.09% to 13495. S&P +0.38%. Crude -4.26% to $87.97. Stoxx 50 -0.1%, Germany +0.2%, France -0.3%, Italy +0.3%, Spain -0.6%, U.K. +0.2%.

The last time I saw someone like somebody else this much, they got married and had babies: Why is Goldman bullish on Reliance? [stockquote]RELIANCE[/stockquote]

Mark this on your diaries: CLSA’s price target for Infosys is Rs 1566. (ET) [stockquote]INFY[/stockquote]

IMF: The world economy will take at least 10 years to emerge from the financial crisis that began in 2008. (CNBC)


Wait! Is the Chinese property market bouncing back? (FT)

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