Sunder’s List

Image representing Infosys Technologies as dep...


All eyes on Infosys [stockquote]INFY[/stockquote] today and its $4.2 billion cash pile. Will there be a buyback? Dividends? Will they get aggressive with acquisitions? With their charts looking like a car-crash, they better do something…

Remember the Euro summit where Germany et al agreed to let the European Stability Mechanism (bail-out fund) rescue banks directly? Turns out that it could be unconstitutional. (Telegraph)

Dozens of US-listed Chinese companies have been accused of fraud and accounting misstatements over the past two years. Now China Development Bank providing more than $1 billion to help smaller companies leave the U.S. stock market. (BusinessWeek)

The two views on China: fly or die? (FT)

Stoxx 50 +0.3%, Germany +0.2%, France -0.6%, Italy +0.1%, Spain +1.2%, U.K. flat. Dow -0.37% to 12606. S&P -0.01%. Crude +2.63% to $86.12.

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