Sunder’s List

148126275213925153_3TTwSFS4_fThis Monday morning: Hong Kong (-2.3%), Japan (-2.5%), Australia (-1.5%), S&P futures -1.1%, Crude –$10/barrel since Tuesday. A knee-jerk reaction to election results in Greece and France.

Since the announcement of Budget 2012 on March 16, net FII inflows have slowed dramatically, showing an effective daily average drop of 95% since March 16. (StockViz, ET)

Channeling Benjamin Graham: 10 things.

Sometimes the best thing to do is liquidate and move on. The story of Yell (Yellow Books publisher), HMV, and many others. (FT)

Rent vs. Buy: Owning anything comes with its own set of headaches. Americans are headed towards a “rentership” society after getting badly burnt from George Bush’s “ownership” society. Rent everything: homes, text books, cars, temporary accommodations, fashion. (WSJ

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