Sunder’s List: NASDAQ

3eurogrowthHuge rally overnight with NASDAQ +2.3% on the back of Apple’s blowout quarter. London +0.3%. Paris +1.4%. Frankfurt +1.4%

The way out of the malaise of the 1970s were reforms that encourage private investment and risk-taking, labor mobility and flexibility, an end to price controls, tax rates that encouraged capital formation, and what the World Bank now broadly calls “the ease of doing business.” If only we would listen. (WSJ)

The UK is back in recession. GDP contracted by 0.2% in the first quarter of 2012, the second successive period of negative economic growth. (FT) In the US, durable goods orders plunged 4.2% (Reuters)

Over the next two decades, higher energy prices and technological improvements will raise the output of oil globally. The US net oil deficit should peak in the next couple of years above 2% of GDP before declining by almost 1% of GDP in future. On the other hand, Europe, Japan and emerging Asia will all experience rising energy deficits as a share of national output. (FT)

Soros and Roubini Take Aim at Euro Zone (CNBC)