Sunder’s List

Without money

Without money (Photo credit: Toban Black)

Central banks keep furiously pumping more money into the economy — right now in Europe, and mostly by stealth. But as soon as they do so, the price of oil goes up and that promptly takes money out again. Like hamsters on a wheel, they are running more and more furiously all the time — and getting precisely nowhere. (MarketWatch)

A sign of things to come? Head of Americas equities sales trading and cash trading is replaced by algorithms. (WSJ)

On why you should learn to invest your own money: 79% of fund managers didn’t beat the S&P 500 last year, the worst showing since 1997. If you don’t have the time to pick stocks, please consider ETFs. (CNN)

Gold down more than 5%, Silver -7%. The slide began right around the time Bernanke’s testimony gave no hint of additional easing; i.e. because Ben Bernanke did not confirm QE3. (Chart)

Good luck out there!

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