Sunder’s List

Efforts to solve a growing sovereign debt crisis have failed to quell market unease. Is Italy next? In Europe, Anxious Market Shifts Focus To Italy
As the world shrinks and everyone is connected socially, the line between trading and investing has blurred as well. Investing and Trading….Just Words.
The old empire could teach us a thing or two about the euro and its flaws. All Roads Lead to (Ancient) Rome
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. invested $23.9 billion in the third quarter, the most in at least 15 years. Buffett Broadens Portfolio by Spending $23.9 Billion
I am now much more responsive to long investment ideas. The Bullish Stars Are Aligned – TheStreet
You can’t be sure when stock prices reach their lows or highs for any market cycle: How not to time the market
As much as the ECB resists it now, they have limited choices: monetise or face a global economic collapse. The longer they wait, the worse it will get: What are Gold and the Euro Telling us About the ECB?
European banks are sitting on heaps of exotic mortgage products and other risky assets that predate the financial crisis: Old Debts Dog Europe’s Banks

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