Sunder’s List

“WE SHOUT outside parliament, we call the politicians thieves and traitors, but they don’t take any notice, they just go on letting us down” Papandreou’s people

Average student debt now topping $25,000

Thousands of the dirtiest and toughest jobs in New York are going unfilled, in sectors that pay well: Blue collar green

TechCrunch | In Defense of Reed Hastings

Longtime bank analyst Mike Mayo tells the inside story of why it’s so hard to yell ‘sell’ in a crowded room: Why Wall Street Can’t Handle the Truth

We lost the right to be honest and say that one thing is intelligent and another thing is dumb for fear of insulting or offending people: Smart and Stupid

INDIA’S technology firms are no longer spring chickens: Seeking to avoid a mid-life crisis

Will they drum Fiat out of Italy? Arrivederci, Italia?

From Mumbai to the Midwest

“JUST when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Greece lightning

Moved your money

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