Sunder’s List

This is beginning to feel like 2008, complete with all the rumor and chaos and volatility we saw back then: Europe’s doomed fate | Felix Salmon

For “risk-on, risk-off”, you could read “referendum-on, referendum-off“ on Thursday: Dollar looks even shakier than the euro –

A year ago, Ireland wasn’t much more than one of two “I” nations of the five little PIIGS who were going to bring down Europe: Three Things Greece Can Learn From Ireland

With the Chinese government tightening credit, the massive leakage from the formal banking sector into the ‘shadow system’ ultimately risks a hard landing: Swimming Naked in China | The Diplomat

Wheat is heading for the biggest slump in three years as the second-largest harvest on record swells stockpiles: Wheat Plunging as Decade-High Stockpiles Ease World Shortages

Vanguard’s chief investment officer, Gus Sauter, offers his thoughts: Vanguard’s investment chief on keeping a long-term view in tumultuous times

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